Career Satisfaction And Employee Retention For Novice Nursing Staff Essay

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We have learned that nursing theory defines nursing as a practice and is based on conceptual frameworks. For framework to be developed into theory one must start with a concept to provide a structure. A concept is a generalized idea that when placed in context will develop its meaning and application in addition to advancing the knowledge of a specific area (Meier, 2013). A concept analysis’s purpose is to examine the basic elements of a concept that are used for theory development and define its attributes (Meier, 2013). The aim of this concept analysis will be to gain a broader understanding about the concept mentoring and how it is linked to employee satisfaction and employee retention to novice nursing staff. In an article from the Oklahoma Nurse journal it is mentioned that mentor programs and mentorship allows for continued growth for novice staff (Davis and Maisano, 2016). Dr. Benner 's theory of Novice to Expert provides support that a novice to expert relationship occurs in a mentoring relationship; this relationship will lead to career satisfaction and intent to stay in nursing (Mariani, 2012). This mentoring concept analysis will follow an outline of concept definition with defining attributes in addition to a literature review to examine current themes, facts, and ideas about the concept. To provide addition clarity of mentoring, antecedents and consequences will be described. To measure the concept has occurred, empirical referents will be explored. To conclude,

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