Career Success vs. Career Failure: The Cautionary Tale of Ron Johnson

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Career Failure: The Cautionary Tale Of Ron Johnson
At the most fundamental level of career management and planning, Ron Johnson failed to realize that his own strengths in high-end retailing at Apple and the creation of aspirational retailing brands previously in his career didn't match the organizational needs and customer orientation at JC Penny. Successful leaders rely on self-awareness to keep the entire spectrum of their career plan synchronized to their life plan (Andolsen, 2008). After analyzing the failure of Ron Johnson attempting to operate JC Penny, it is clear he had now mission or value system of his own that was congruent with his new employer. He had no sense of mission to serve the lower-middle class and middle-class shoppers who are the backbone of the business. His advertisements that openly mock their passion for deals, because many of them are living paycheck to paycheck, shows that he has no idea who the customer is and doesn't care (Much, 2013). It also shows that to really succeed in retailing the brand has to literally be part of the soul of the CEO, and this is why Steve Jobs was so successful at Apple and Ron Johnson such a complete failure at JC Penny (Economist, 2013). Without an internal compass or sense of purpose to serve the core customer base, Ron Johnson was doomed to failure, with his arrogance just accelerating it.
Analysis of the Ron Johnson Failure
WalMart has a mantra and passion built around…
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