Career in Psychology: Personal Narrative Essay

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My entire life I have always been on the search of a career that would fit my persona, fit who I truly am, and to become someone who will constantly have the ability to help people through their difficult problems that they face. Throughout my life I have been deemed the type of person that people felt comfortable coming to with their problems. Maybe people feel this way because they sense that I have a sympathetic ear? Well, all I can say is that human behavior has always seemed interesting to me and that is probably why I made the decision to go down the psychology career pathway. I believe that choosing this career is much like how the Freedom Writers chose to beat stereotypes in the book The Freedom Writers Diary. I can compare my …show more content…

I had the opportunity to sing to Anne Franks best friends, Jopie and Lies, but I didn't. Two people were needed to sing the song “Hero,” but I never told anyone that I could sing. I really wanted to sing to them because Anne Frank is my hero and the song would have tied in perfectly, but the thought of telling anyone scared me. (TFWD 142)
This quote made me feel like I'm not alone in feeling scared to do what I want, but it did help me to want to achieve my goal because in the book I could tell the student regretted not speaking up, but I want to speak up and make my dreams come true. I have decided to plan to earn a master's degree in psychology and become a licensed marriage and sex psychologist. I have been greatly considering attending Fresno State to achieve my master's degree in psychology, but lately I have been trying to explore different schools in and out of town that may be beneficial for me to consider attending. Even though I am scared to go out of town, or even out of state to attend college, if it means that I will get a better education and become a licensed marriage and sex psychologist then I would be making an illogical decision based on my fears of leaving the comfort of my mom's home. I know that many people look down at such an indifferent career choice, but keeping in mind that my parents support my decision makes it easier for me to look past all the negative outlooks on my career choice and focus on all the great benefits that this

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