Autobiography in Psychology

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Many times in people 's lives, they are asked to define their personality and they do not know how to respond. What is the actual definition of personality and how can we define our own? Personality is a unique consistent pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. In other words, personality is a combination of characteristics or qualities that form the person in you. Like a painting, there are many different color schemes that combine in order to show the big picture. There is no such thing as a person without a personality. Some people may not have very extroverted characteristics; this means that they have a shy or colorless personality.
Now its time for me to define my personality. Who am I? What events in my life influenced the
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As long as I was friends with them, I felt secure and sure that their guidance would lead me through my journey on the road to success.
As I grew older, I noticed a change in the way I identified myself. At the age of 12, I hit puberty and my hormones were raging. I now understood that the stalk didn 't really drop me off at my doorstep. I was now introduced to the next bond in my life, the female. Females have had a major impact on the way a man governs his life. At this time in my life I knew to be more adamant about my hygiene and the way I present myself in public. This way, I might attract the same girls that attracted my attention. I was fairly good at conversing with the opposite sex and this was some sort of fulfillment in my life that greatly influenced the way I think and act, not only to impress others but also to feel good about myself.
After I hit puberty, I realized a new Joey. A more a mature Joey, who started caring for the feelings of others rather than just myself. It was a good time for this to happen since my Bar Mitzvah was right around the corner. It was soon time for me to be recognized as a man. It was also a time where I found myself connected to God. This spiritual feeling gave me a stronger guidance which I did not yet realize until I was a little older. Religion is a big factor that helped me and will continue to help me get to the right places the in right way. My parents had taught me about religion to instill
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