Caring For Someone Who Is Like

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Caring for someone who is like have the same ability and like us is easy, but caring for someone who does not like or cannot stand you, is a challenging. It takes someone with a advance education to know how to like with people who hate you. I see this every day in my daily life and on social media.
The easiest groups that would be easy to care are very young, those who abuse others, and those of different races. Caring for these groups will be not challenging at all and someone who is patience will be able to care for them. I can care for the people because I understand that everyone see the world the way I do. This may be the environment they were raised in is different and they had tough years. They just need someone to listen to what they have to say and understand where they are coming from, the reason why they think that way. I am not the best listener in the world but I am a good listener, I give people a chance to say what they want to say. I also think that this is extremely important in the health care world when it comes to people with different races because they have different background and custom that is so important to them. If people are will to listen and hear them, caring for them will be easy. Teenagers for example are easy because they need someone to keep them safe and provider them security. I have no problem caring for these groups. Anyone with understanding can handle them with no problem.
The groups that will challenge me the most are elderly,

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