Carl Sagan's On Nuclear Disarmament By Carl Sagan

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“On Nuclear Disarmament” is a brilliant piece of work by Carl Sagan detailing the costs of nuclear war. From the mass destruction and finality of nuclear weapons, to the fool's bargain we’ve made, and how we only reconcile after lives have been lost it is evident we must do everything in our power to prevent a nuclear war. We, as the human race, have made so many technological advancements to better our lives and improve our environment. However, when it comes to our weapons, it seems we may have gone too far. In the hopes of keeping us safe we’ve developed stronger, better weapons. Whether it’s to protect us from each other or from others, safety has always been the number one concern. Yet, with the use of nuclear weapons our safety is no longer ensured. “A thousand times a thousand, times a thousand is a billion; in less than a century, our most fearful weapon has become a billion times more deadly” (Sagan 656). As said by Sagan, our weapons have become exponentially stronger in such a short amount of time. We’ve done this under the belief that it’ll make us safer when, in fact, we don’t really possess the knowledge to use such a destructive force. When it comes to nuclear weapons there is no going back. After the damage has been dealt it can’t be undone. “Some of them had an explosive yield equivalent to ten million tons of TNT; enough to kill a few million”(Sagan 656). We hold the power to kill a few million people, when less than a century ago we only had enough power

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