Carlos Evo Morales Aym The President Of Bolivia

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Juan Evo Morales Ayma is the current president of Bolivia, elected on December 2005, and is running a third presidential term. He was born into a small, rural home in poverty, but overcame that when he was maturing. He began to love leadership as an adolescent. As an adult, his position as leader of coca-leaf farmers’ unions allowed him to escalate his position to presidency. Evo Morales is a president with a rich backstory, and should be considered an idol for people to admire.
Juan Evo Morales Ayma grew up in a poor Aymara family in Bolivia, who relied on farming and raising llamas and vicuñas -an animal similar to the camel, prized for its wool- as income. He was one out of seven children, and just one of three that survived infancy. …show more content…

His family was forced to move, and resettled in the Chapare region. He went to college at the Agrarian Humanistic Technical Institute of Orinoca, attending all but the last year. In his twenties, Morales became a cocalero, or coca-leaf grower. Coca leaves are a key ingredient in manufacturing cocaine. Coca in Bolivia is perfectly legal, as it was used by Aymaras and Quechuas as a appetite-queller when in a food shortage, and for remedies to altitude sickness. The plant is also religiously important. When Morales was a coca leaf farmer, most of the coca being exported from Bolivia was to the United States, for cocaine production. In 1985, Morales became a prominent figure in his local farmers’ union, dubbed San Francisco. He then rose to the top of an umbrella of six unions, which had all become more active in fighting US government-led efforts to eradicate the coca plant, because of cocaine consumption back in the States. The coca unions allied to fight this, because the only plant that would grow in Bolivia’s environment was the coca plant. Morales led marches, met with officials from the government, and became the target of harassment. He was also jailed for it. The coca unions and his childhood placed Morales into a position for politics in the future.
As a prominent cocalero union leader, Morales was well known in Chapare. His leadership was an easy path to presidency, which he

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