Carrie Underwood's Preferences

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In this photo, is Carrie Underwood is performing the national anthem at the Stanley Cup event. She had given a surprise performance for the crowd. From this photo you can see a lot of high-contrast colors. The brighter and warmer colors, such as the yellow from the lights, and blue, orange, and red from the jumbo-tron stand out against the darker color in the photo. In the crowd of people the subtle white color from the light-up wristbands that people were wearing also stands out amongst the darker colors. The white colored wristbands can also create form in the photo because they look like little white dots. Form in this photo also comes from the yellow squiggled shaped that are from the lights, the star shapes and lines from the American flag, and lastly the square shapes on the jumbo-tron and from the floor of the ice rink.…show more content…
First, the people in the photo look very tiny due to the distance between where the photograph was taken and the hockey players in the ice rink, but obviously they would appear much larger in real life. Secondly, interposition can be seen due to the jumbo-tron. The jumbo-tron gives the photo a more 3-D effect making it look like it's popping out of the photo. Movement in the photo is graphic movement because your eyes will looks all across the photo and notice different element within it. This photo also depicts sensory and perceptual theories. The sensory theory it depicts is the gestalt theory due to the proximity of the objects or people in the photograph. The perceptual theory that is in this photo is the cognitive theory. The cognitive theory is seen here because of selectivity, that is your eyes mostly focus on parts of the image that stand out the
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