Carrie White Biography

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Nature is very difficult to understand for it is only thr crator of the universe who can intreprate the real meaning of nature. Some people arival in this world happen to be a misfortune but they always have something to keep them going example a german shepard who helps a blind man, some are born to be criplled with hands but the can use their foot to nake a living no matter what happens to ones life there is always a solution for the person to leave. Carrie White’s was not something planned but she came as an unxepeted marital rape which had an influence for themmother to end her lifr from the very first day she arrrived but becuase her prenscence in this world had apurpose the mother couldn’t end her life. Carrie grew up in a christian …show more content…

Carrie’s personality did not not allow her to be more social which could have helped her to educate herself on the puberty right, hence her first menstral cycle became a tragedy a nd disaster which affected her whole life. Suprisingly her first menstrual cycle happened at shool when she was taking a shower and becuase of lack of knowledge annouces it publicly for the rest of the students to know , a video was taken about when she had her menstral cycle and it became a talk of the school and had a big influence over her life some students had punishemt for example some where suspended from their prom and one of them happened to be Sue Snell became deeply regreted for maltreaing carrie with the menstral cycle. Although Sue Snell was punshed and not allowed to attend to the prom becuase of Carrie White’s menstral cycle she was conviced that she has to do something for Carrie to cancel what she had done hence she gave her the oppurtunity to go to prom with Tommy the gender,sex, and distinction here is the age of Carrie and the intersectionality is the identity and raise of Carrie’s life and the essentialism is the consideration of her puberty right. The material identity here is the maltreatment of the students against her menstral cycle which reminded her of the tragedy that happened to her. Sue was trying to cancel al the things they had done to her that were

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