Case Analysis : ● K Street

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Introduction ● K street holds the offices of the nearly seven thousand organizations that are represented in Washington Politically Speaking: Lobby ● To lobby means to attempt to influence governmental decisions, especially legislation ● A lobby is a group organized for this purpose, and a lobbyist is an individual who engages in lobbying ● In the mid­seventeenth century, lobbyists met members of Congress just outside the chambers of the House or Senate to argue their cause ● In the nineteenth century, lobbyist began to mean vote buyer ● Today lobbying is no longer regarded as an inevitably corrupt activity // no more shame Explaining Proliferation ● There are 3+ reasons why interest groups are so common in this country ○ #1 There are many cleavages (division of voters) ○ #2 The Constitution makes many points at which such groups can gain access to the government ○ #3 Political parties are weak The Birth of Interest Groups ● The number of interest groups has grown rapidly since 1960 ● There are 4+ factors that help explain the rise of interest groups ○ #1 Broad economic development ■ Most farmers began to produce cash crops for sale in markets that were unstable or affected by outside forces ■ Large unions did not exist until there arose mass­production industry operated by large corporations ○ #2 Government policy ■ Wars create veterans, who demand pensions and benefits ■ Professional societies (lawyers and doctors etc) became important because state governments determines
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