Case Analysis : ' Bronchoscopy Flexible Bronchoscopy '

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Procedures ○ Bronchoscopy 4 – General explanation □ Flexible bronchoscopy is performed to determine whether there is an underlying cause of infection, such as a growth or inhaled foreign body; a biopsy or fluid sample may be collected – Indication □ Severe pneumonia that does not respond to antibiotic treatment □ Pneumonia of unknown etiology – Contraindications □ There are no absolute contraindications □ Relative contraindications include □ Coagulopathy □ Recent myocardial infarction, unstable angina or serious dysrhythmias □ Tracheal stenosis □ Asthma □ If a foreign body is suspected, a rigid bronchoscopy under general anesthesia is preferred – Interpretation of results □ Bronchoscopy will help to determine whether something is blocking the airways, causing the pneumonia □ Abnormal fluids or cells can indicate infection • Other diagnostic tools ○ Diagnostic thoracentesis 1 – Recommended for patients with enlarging pleural effusions to rule out parapneumonic effusion or complicating empyema – Pleural fluid is studied for pathogens that may cause the infection – Not a routine diagnostic test for medical care-associated pneumonia, in which pleural effusions are rare ○ Arterial blood gases - recommended if concern exists regarding metabolic or respiratory acidosis 5 – It is not routinely used to diagnose pneumonia, but can help determine severity of illness and detect multiple organ dysfunction or developing respiratory failure 1 –

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