Case Analysis : ' V ' The City Of Chicago ' Case No

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Case synopsis
Vasich, et al. v. The city Of Chicago, Case No. 11-CV-4843 (N.D. III. Sept. 5, 2013) is a case containing class action litigations in the workplace. As told within the case, it allowed for a settlement agreement. There was a guilty verdict on charges of gender discrimination. The court pointed out on the inconsistency of the ruling in this case due to the relation to the constitutional necessities of the Title VII of the Equal Employment Act. The court placed a ban because of this result. All physical ability tests relating to the career of becoming a fire fighter would be no more based on the process of pre hiring. The court also added an addition of other tests that would help to assess applicants on their skills to become …show more content…

The case Vasich, et al. v. The City Of Chicago, the current present day employers are being faced with the challenging task of change and to redevelop their HR strategies as both levels of government continue to enroll new and strict policies in promoting workplace diversity. The International Association of Women in Fire and Emergency Services is one of the organizations formed with an effort to invest more time and effort in increasing the number of women within the profession (Hogler, 2015).
Masculinity theory
Hegemonic masculinity is a thing that influences many people’s perceptions and thoughts about understanding the social hierarchy within the firefighter profession, and it is happening constantly. According to Macleod (2016), the high form of manliness instills normative standards by which gender differences are assessed. Therefore, the genders break down of social separation and labor of jobs is defined through the populations and the general public’s viewpoint. Every worker plays an important and dominant role in the environment of females who are looking to join the profession of becoming a firefighter over time. The training in the academy requires for many masculine characteristic and because of this it discourages many females and can prohibit them from joining this male dominated

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