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ase According to Thomas Paine, “A person commits an error by not reflecting far enough”. Perhaps this is the best aphorism that is applicable in the case of Mr. Jose Naguimbing. For he seemed to be acting out of his impulses without even taking into consideration the worst repercussion that might arise out of his decision which is wanting of intellectual or wise discretion.
Mr. Jose Naguimbing succeeded his brother Pedro as a General Manager of Jona Car Rental, which was very profitable when the latter turned it over to the former. However, things began to change by the time the business has been handled by Pedro’s brother Jose. The staff has been skeptical of Jose’s capability to competently and effectively discharge his duties as the …show more content…

In addition, the staffs’ suspicion was justified after three months, the revenues of the branch plummeted drastically. As opposed with a competitor within the area, the performance of the branch manager was dismal. Business is not a one-man job it does not mean that just because he is the boss he is the only one who is supposed to be obeyed in every decision he imposes. Involvement of the employees in the decision-making, or in a way of saying teamwork, trust and confidence to the employees, a character of the leader worthy of emulation and respect, are the fundamental principles for the success of a business.
Now, involvement of the team; inasmuch as it does not mean that just because he is the boss he will be the sole source of all the things that are supposed to be undertaken by the business for the furtherance of its improvement and growth. A leader says “we”, a boss says “I”, hence the boss should not act like someone whose authority and nature is beyond any fallibility. In Bontia v. NLRC (96).
“The rule is well settled that labor laws discourage interference with an employer’s judgment in the conduct of hid business. Even as the law is solicitous of the welfare of the employees, it must also protect the right of an employer to exercise what are clearly management prerogatives. As long as the company’s

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