Case Review I: the Blue Spider Project Essay example

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TCM 750: Advanced Project Management

Case Review I: The Blue Spider Project
Sona Ngoh

Missouri State University
Department of Technology & Construction Management
College of Business Administration

Spring 2014


1. Summary of Findings 3
2. Background Information 4
3. Problem Statement 5
4. Analysis of Issues and Alternatives 5
5. Detailed Recommendations 8
6. Implementation and Evaluation 9
I. Bibliography 11
II. Works Cited 12

Summary of Findings

The Blue Spider Project is an example of a situation where the project manager show lack of understanding of the life-cycle for project management and the inability to leverage the …show more content…

In 1975, Parks corporation decided to change its corporate strategy again, reverting to R&Ds as it was realized that with the upturn of in DoD spending and the new evaluation criteria set forth for project awards, companies wining the R&D and qualification phases, now stand better chance of being awarded production contracts. To support this new strategy, Parks began to beef up its R&D engineering staff, growing its staff strength to 2700 by 1978. Owing to the limitations of salaries that Parks could afford to offer engineers, their access to experienced engineers was limited, forcing them to employ mainly young inexperienced engineers, straight out of college. Gary Anderson was one of such engineers employed straight out of college. The new corporate strategy adopted by Parks necessitated the administration of a new wage and salary program that included job upgrading. Gary had distinguished himself to be an outstanding production engineer over the years and was promoted to senior scientist responsible for all R&D activities performed in the Mechanical Engineering department as management felt that his experience could be extended to R&D as well.

In January 1978, Parks Corporation decided to bid for Phase I on the Blue Spider Project, with Lord Industries as the prime contractor for the Army’s Spartan Program. The project was to improve structural capabilities and the age life of the short range tactical missile, which was exhibiting fatigue failure after 6

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