Case Study 1: The First Ethical Consequences Of The School Psychologist Test

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1. Case Study 1: In case study one, the first unethical issue I spotted in the case study was the staff was required to administer the test, there was no consent or choice given to them. Also, the residents did not get a choice to take the test. The ethical principle that was violated was the informed consent. Also, the ethical principle of explaining assessment results to the residents after taking the test was violated because they were not informed as to why they were taking the test and what the results were and mean. Also, when the tests were done being administered to the residents the tests results were posted on the door of the administrator’s office where the results were out in the open and unprotected, for everyone to see. Another ethical violation is the principle of release of …show more content…

Case Study 2: In case study two, the ethical principles that were violated were bases of assessment and use of assessments because the School Psychologist had no training in dealing with testing and assessment and it is very unethical to create a test and have someone take the test. Obviously test construction, interpreting results, and test scoring and interpretation were also violated because the assessment and test were created from a professional without training. There was no informed consent to see if the child wanted to take the test or not and the explaining of assessment results. Also, only one child took the School Psychologist test and he did not appropriately create and interpret the data. Also, the testing score of the 7th grader was not protected and the school psychologist told many faculty, resulting in the violation of the ethical principle maintaining test security. The School Psychologist violated the ethical principle of assessment by unqualified person, because the School Psychologist administered an assessment which the psychologist had no prior training or experience. As we can see there were many ethical violations that were violated in case study

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