Case Study 3-BMGT 203: Ramzey Alafley

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Case Study 3-BMGT 203 – Ramzey Alalfey Key Facts Kelsey is a relatively young accountant who has recently passes her CPA exam. As an accountant one of the most important quality to have is integrity. It is a quality that greatly stressed in the accounting field. She is now focused on her goals, which include being a senior accountant, and hopes to be a partner in the future. In hopes to shower her great potential Kelsey was assigned the audit of Ad-X Corporation’s local office that are a major client of their firm. Her team consisted of Danny; her firms audit manager and Chelsea who is her boss. The authority lies with Jodi, the managing partner and he has a great deal of influence on Danny and Chelsea becoming partners, which has been a goal of theirs. During the audit process Kelsey finds errors that shows misstated information on Ad-X income for the year. She knows that errors of cutoff like these need to be documented. She knows that corporations should not violate this principal and as a person of integrity she feels she must document this error. Danny and Chelsea are the ones who are in charge of documenting these types of problems and Jodi is the one who makes the final determination. Kelsey realizes that Ad-X does not want to make any type of adjustment. Danny and Chelsea asked Kelsey not mention this problem. Ad-X is the firm’s largest client and by reporting this problem it could end their business with Ad-X. Kelsey feels that it is wrong to not

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