Case Study : A Spanish Speaking Custodian Named Mr. Lacolle

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Report Body: Situation: 2.1- A Spanish speaking custodian named Mr. Magana was new and shown by Mr. LaColle, the supply vendor how to use the powerful chemicals. Since he did not speak Spanish, Mr. LaColle, demonstrated with a series of gestures how to use it without using gloves. Magana after being shown, tried to use it on his shift and was hurt by the chemical. As a result, OSHA fined the facility for a MSDS violation. 1. Did the facility fulfill its obligation to provide a safe working environment for Magana? Answer: No, it did not. The facility could have done more. Provided pictures of how to pour the chemical, had someone there to demonstrate better. A list of the potential hazards such as minor and serious complications if the product is not used in the correct way. 2. What should Mr. LaColle have done to avoid an OSHA violation? Answer: Mr. LaColle could have avoided an OSHA violation by doing some of these options. Since he did not speak Spanish he could have found someone who spoke Spanish to explain the concept to Mr. Magana. Drawing pictures can help with an explanation with someone who does not understand your language. Mr. LaColle could have stayed to make sure the job was done right. 3. How can this issue be avoided? Answer: The issue could have been avoided by taking better precautions. Staying with the worker to make sure the job was done correctly. Pictures on how to do the job, for those who did not speak the supervisor’s language. If these

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