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16 things every international student should know about Kellogg
The Kellogg School of Management is known as the first business school in the world to begin interviewing student applicants to assess their leadership potential and suitability. Today, along with GPA and GMAT scores, “fit” is an important element in the admissions process in many b-schools around the world. Here are some other interesting facts and figures about the school, with a focus on its two-year full-time MBA program.
Location: The Kellogg School of Management of the Northwestern University is located in Evanston, Illinoi, about 20 km north of downtown Chicago. Evanston lies in Cook County near Lake Michigan and is home to the university and 75,000 residents. Evanston grew …show more content…

ft. facility where the full-time MBA program is conducted, is located in Northwestern’s Evanston campus, and gives great views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline. The main element of the building, opened in March 2017, is the Collaboration Plaza, a 6,000 square-foot space, with Spanish steps, used for discussions and gatherings. The Faculty Summit, a 9,000 square-foot atrium, and the White Auditorium are also part of the Global Hub. The Hub’s 15 high-tech classrooms support many types of learning. Most Kellogg students live in Evanston, and enjoy its restaurants, shopping centers, film theaters, and art galleries, while some prefer Chicago. The McManus Living-Learning Center, an apartment complex exclusively for Kellogg students, can accommodate single students, couples, and families. Kellogg students have access to Northwestern’s recreational sports and sports facilities. A health service for students is available on …show more content…

Among the scholarships are the Diversity Scholarship, James P. Gorter Scholarship, Forte Foundation Scholarship, Kellogg Scholarship, Kellogg Growth Scholarships, Frederick C. Austin Scholarships, and Donald P. Jacobs International Scholarships. Need-based scholarships are also offered. Students can also opt for private student loans but may need a US cosignor in most cases. Scholarships are also available for students entering their second year with proven leadership skills and academic excellence.
Admission statistics: The two-year MBA Class of 2019 has 478 students with 42 percent women and 35 percent international students. The average GMAT score is 732 and the range 600-780. The average age is 28 years and average work experience 5.1 years (range 3.5-7, for the middle 80 percent). Twenty-seven percent of students have an industry background of consulting, 20 percent financial services, and 12 percent tech/communications. Forty-nine percent are undergraduate majors in economics/business, 30 percent in STEM, and the rest in

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