Case Study: Access Esperanza Clinic

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Access Esperanza Clinics Inc. strategy included expanding primary health care for family planning clients who would otherwise not have the opportunity to identify early health conditions that are preventable and could lead to the increasing numbers of mortality among the Hispanic population in South Texas. EPHC services provided during FY 15 included evaluation, diagnosis, management and treatment of health conditions identified through screening of blood pressure, height and weight, hemoglobin, lipid panels, comprehensive metabolic laboratory tests and glucose screening. To deliver the services of screening, the agency added tests that are CLIA waived and deliver high quality results with minimal demands and introduced these systems to the agency’s medical staff. Technical assistance to train the trainer was utilized for key medical personnel to continue with quality assurance monitoring and educational and clinical support and …show more content…

The agency incorporated new medical standards and guidelines and added new pharmaceutical options for the treatment of pre-diabetes in collaboration with the Medical Director for Access Esperanza Clinics Inc. Financial personnel, the Chief Financial Officer, trained billing staff on the proper CPT coding for the specific areas related to EPHC as a

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