Centura Health Had The Opportunity For A Workshop Presentation By Dominique Morgan Solomon, A Population Health Expert Essay

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Centura Health had the opportunity for a workshop presentation by Dominique Morgan-Solomon, a population health expert. Dominique Morgan-Solomon, MPH, works as a consultant in health care delivery, device management, and for health care organizations on population health strategies and program implementation. Prior to consulting, Dominique was the Chief Operating Officer of Steward Medical Group and Vice President of Population Health for Steward Health Care from February 2012 until October of 2015. She was responsible for the strategic planning and execution of its quality performance, clinical integration care management, and population health programs. Last year she was awarded “Young Healthcare Executive of the Year” for her leadership in this promising field by the National Association of Health Service Executives (NAHSE). She has exceeded in her career after receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University in Biology and Political Science and a Master of Public Health in Health Policy from the University of Michigan.
Dominique presented on Population Health Management and Standardized Care in Type 2 Diabetes. The meeting was held November 1st at 3:00-4:00pm in the Corporate Auditorium at Centura Health Corporate Building. The concentration of her presentation was based on Figure 2 and Figure 2 maps. Figure 1 represents the increase shade of blue proportional to the increase of percentage being told they had diabetes (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

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