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Workshop Two, Case Study Analysis In review and analysis of the Case Study, Decision Making at the Top: The All Star Sports Catalog Division, (Hellings, 2007) the decision making process could use some improvement. Environment, precedent, personalities, subject matter and leadership styles have both an overall and a situational impact on the decision making process. Stephen Robbins in the 2005 edition of Essentials of Organizational Behavior lays out a six-step rational decision making model which he proclaims to be ideal. Robbins model is as follows: 1. Define the problem; 2. Identify decision criteria; 3. Weight the criteria; 4. Generate alternatives; 5. Rate each alternative on each criterion; and 6. Compute the optimal…show more content…
Junior factions might disagree with this as they have less experience and less influence in the organization and at the table, or sub-tables so to speak. The environment that exists is ripe for a bully to prevail and influence if that were a desire from any of the participants. It was generally agreed that the organization was apolitical and well aligned with expectations and rewarded for achieving those expectations. The process unfolds at All Star by an issue being brought to meetings with 13 individuals, who are key executives from various aspects of the organization. Barrett purposefully built this senior management team with various backgrounds and strengths. The profile of this team contributes to the success of the decisions as diverse perspectives have an opportunity for representation. Each of the individuals on this team are committed to a common goal, the company’s best interests. This factor is also very key. The organization uses five major stages as follows: 1. Frame the Problem; 2. Identifying Alternatives; 3. Analyzing Alternatives; 4. Making the Choice; and 5. Ratifying the Choice. This process, at Barrett’s design, encourages confrontation away from the large group for consensus building. The process discourages going against the grain, or having a late entry of creativity. This process also allows for a great deal of analytical research and affirmation. Those not comfortable
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