Case Study: Apprendi V. New Jersey

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To be honest, the majority of the topics or cases discuss in the course were interesting in their right. They touched on all aspects in criminal justice,but in a more thought provoking manner. Our first discussion post on the flexibility and stability of the Constitution helped me further understand the goals of the constitution. I have not had the opportunity to study the law from that perspective since my undergraduate studies ten years ago. Unit three’s discussion involved Wisconsin v. Mitchell and Apprendi v. New Jersey. This was a favorite as well. This case viewed racism and bigotry from both sides. Those cases express that hate does not have one particular color. I will continue to agree that Mitchell’s right was not violated (Wisconsin v. Mitchell,1993). When there is proof that the intentions of a criminal are racially motive, there should, in fact, be harsher penalties. For instance, in Apprendi v. New Jersey, where the preponderance of evidence proved that Charles Apprendi crime was to intimidate the African American family that moved into the neighborhood (Apprendi v. New Jersey, 2000). To create a positive shift in the society, we as a…show more content…
State; it was so interesting to me that his defense was that the paramedic was negligent for failing to restrain Villella. The court's expressed that in cases involving a death from injuries that took place during an assault. That the person who inflicted the injuries would be liable even it, there is a failure by a third party to save the victim (Kusmider v. State, 1984). The case expires the creativity of some defendants. Being a Memphis Police Officer, I am a fan of Tennessee v. Garner simply because of the impact that it has had on deadly force policies across the United States. I had not reviewed this case since going through the police academy. It changed the way police had to deal with deadly force and violent fleeing felons (Tennessee v. Garner,
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