Case Study : Big Bang, An Sap Implementation

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This case study analysis is based on a case study titled NIBCO’s “Big Bang”: An SAP Implementation. NIBCO is a 3000 employee company located in Elkhart, Indiana that manufactures valves and pipe fittings. The study reviews the process that led to the December 30, 1997 Go- Live date for the companies install of their new SAP R/3 ERP system at their ten plants and four North American distribution centers. The project cost over 17 million dollars, took the company 14 months to plan, and only 15 months to deliver the new ERP system. This is a short analysis of their big bang journey.
Why a New ERP?
The planning for the project began early in 1995. It was agreed throughout the company that they were seriously lacking in their information system and that there was a need to move away from their current IT set up. It was felt that the “organization could not prosper with its current information systems” and there were “major concerns about being able to grow the company and become more global without an integrated information capability.” (as cited in Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, Martin, & Perkins ,2012, p. 468). Many problems were identified with the current system including widespread dissatisfaction regarding its functionality, lack of system integration, and the frustration with the extensive amount of time that the IT staff spent building custom interfaces. To select an ERP package, a cross functional team was created, which iwas made up of top executive of NIBCO…

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