Case Study: Engstorm Company

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Most of the problems that Engstorm company are facing are related to many or Organizational Behaviors theories and concepts, The field of Organizational Behavior considers many factors which will be further discussed. Engstorm as a company are facing many issues which has lead to many disruptions that ended up effecting not only the company but the employees too leading to employee’s dissatisfaction, lower productivity, and employees mistrust. One of the causes of lower productivity is employee’s dissatisfaction. Once the employees are not satisfied all of this leads to the productivity of the company to suffer which is exactly what engstorm company are facing, and that is all due to the fact that the employees in company aren’t getting their bonus payments which has…show more content…
The motivation is divided into several factors including of direction, intensity, persistence, however in the case of Engstorm all of the employees are not following up these factors due to the fact that they are demotivated and are not willing to put an effort into anything that’s related to the organization. As for the ability is when an individual gets to share their knowledge and experience that they have into succeeding a specific task. Instead of the employees are using their skills and knowledge to boost up the performance of the organization they are instead putting that aside and ignoring it since they are not getting what they are asking for. And absences of these factors above will result into demotivated and dissatisfied employees, which applies to the Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant, employees are acting unfriendly along with the management team, since its be going on for months without the employees getting their bonus. The workers have lost the potential and motivation to work hard and put any effort to the organization. According to expectancy theory, people will choose how they behave according to the perceived outcomes. And since the employees don’t expect any bonuses they don’t work
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