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Situational Analysis Hasbro Inc. owns the very successful brand, G.I. Joe that is an icon in the toy industry. G.I. Joe has been a dominate factor in the market for toys since its launch in 1964. The brand has been able to stand the test of time and its creators have successfully preserved the brand throughout the years. Hasbro’s challenge is to market the G.I. Joe brand in such a way, so that it can become a mega brand like its competitor Mattel with its mega brand Barbie. The toy market has volatile sales depending upon trends created by consumer demand. The market is also very seasonal in which sales are typically best during the Christmas shopping season. The target customer for Hasbro Inc. is a shrinking market due to …show more content…

Joe brand, as well as its other brands. The advertisements have driven sales for the toy industry because of the ability to reach large numbers of prospective consumers at the same time. Children watch the commercials that flood the television and desire the toys that are featured in these advertisements. The advertisements on television and print are expensive, but the return on investment is measurable and the method has proven effective for decades. This option should not be pursued by itself because consumers are more sophisticated in their search for goods and services, even children search websites to obtain product information and rely on online communities to shape their opinions of consumer products. Hasbro Inc. also has the option of marketing G.I. Joe with additional material included, such as a short movie on DVD. This option is good because it will expose newer generations to G.I. Joe’s storyline and create new excitement about the product line. Production costs for the DVD option could also prove to be expensive for Hasbro Inc. and possibly not accomplish its full intent. This option could spark interest in the product, but should not be pursued because it would not fully integrate the brand into its target market. Hasbro Inc. also has the option of continuing to ride the success of its iconic brand and not pursue any additional plans of action. G.I. Joe has brand recognition tantamount to few others in the toy industry. The product line is

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