Case Study : Hacienda Encantada Resort & Spa 7

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TAYLOR: HACIENDA ENCANTADA RESORT & SPA 7 these changes. On a business level, these changes perhaps would contain the transformation of the internal corporate ideologies as well as enhancements in the management of human resources in reaction to intensifying workplace diversity and the evolving necessities of the workforce. According to strategy + business, “skilled change managers, conscious of organizational change management best practices, always make the most of their company’s existing culture” (Strategy + Business, 2014). Therefore, the capability to change is an essential part of the organization 's business setting while the capability to help it familiarize to change is equivalently an essential business challenge for the leadership. Furthermore, it is in my belief that, surviving and thriving in a multifaceted world requires a versatile change strategy. I also believe that there must be more variety in the strategy than in the system you are trying to change.
Improving Excellence in Individuals As individuals we have unique views and beliefs that are a role of who we exist as a person. Some of these beliefs and way of life are things that are assimilated from our parents, descendants and other people that influence our lives. We also acquire beliefs from some influences that we have confronted in life. As I navigate my way through the workplace, I have encountered circumstances that may have

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