Case Study : Healthcare And Associates

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Background Information

There comes a time in every organization when certain ineffectiveness and inefficiencies disrupts business operations. These ineffectiveness and inefficiencies cause companies to suffer in the quality of service, products, reputation and ultimately, profits. In today’s economy, companies of all sizes and industry need to continuously be improving their way of operating their business in effort to remain competitive in today’s market place.
Since 1992, HealthCare and Associates, LLC (HCA) has been committed in developing innovative models of healthcare delivery that improves patients ' quality of life while containing healthcare costs. HCA‘s strength has had a steadfast commitment to their guiding principle of coordinated care. The physicians strive daily to bring the benefits of coordinated care to more than 600,000 managed care patients in California, who represent the diversity of cultures, socioeconomic groups, ages, and health statuses in the communities they serve (HealthCare Partners).
Business Problem and Need

HealthCare and Associates, LLC is faced with several internal factor that has disallowed them to have a competitive edge. The internal factors consists of inefficient and ineffective in the company’s operating systems. Modern operating systems (OS) allows companies in aligning company strategies with company objectives and unites the company’s people (employees and customers), process, culture and infrastructure. Furthermore, an…
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