Case Study : Home Depot Case

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Week Three Case Assignment Marketing 5000 Online course David Allen Untied Home Depot Case Pg. 186-187 Case Summary: Home Depot Inc was started up in 1978 by two men “Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank” that had a thought and a clue that they could start a business that is for the consumer in the homebuilding retail market. Of course, the two gentlemen had a good idea and want to address the needs of consumers to provide them with high skill sale associates, quality assurance and a brand with the uppermost level of value varieties of tools, equipment and necessaries desirable to construct a home or project, development. These two influential leaders unbeknownst to them will be building, an amazing business that will be successful and will…show more content…
Product modification- These specifications made to order when a construction product is requested and the unit amount required. For example, a product modification on size wood for homebuilding, a specific type of tool and a longer handle, a request of a certain paint and a modification on appliances to the desire of the purchasing consumer. These are product alteration that Home Depot has done an excellent addressing in its attempt to market itself to consumers, generating repeat sales. New-product development process- Home Depot has a seven-step process to success on a research case study online that it starts with a new design and is built on customers want, identify potential customers and make products to order. Product differentiation- Home Depot Inc differentiate itself in many ways to let’s the clients notice the retail stores unique product line design, competitive pricing in the market and strong sales associates knowledge on homebuilding products and each product they sale displays to the target market, that Home Depot sale associates are reliable and are selling a good high quality product. Product design- Home Depot diversify product lineup have its specification to design to everything a homebuilder needs and a business to construct a project. Home Depot allows the purchaser to test the product and be show to all levels on the equipment/product how to use it and does everything to provide its high-quality
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