Introduction. The Case Study Renovating Home Depot Was

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The case study Renovating Home Depot was the case of a leader who joined a successful business only to discover that the company was running out of growth opportunities and also did not have the basic systems needed for increased growth in place. Robert “Bob” Nardelli was chosen as the CEO of Home Depot based on his proven ability to reenergize slow-growth businesses. He was a leader that went all out to achieve his goals and was identified as someone who was “comfortable in his own suit”, and believes in being successful his own way. He made several innovations which were used in General Electric (GE) where he recorded past successes. We see the success demonstrated in the growth of revenue in Home Depot, as well as opening
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Nardelli was also quite weak in Human Resource (HR) and customer service which were the key aspects of any retailing business that aspires to be successful. Looking at his personality, he was someone that was full of pride, ego and always like to have his way. He failed to practice consultative management and was driven by the fact that he wanted to prove Jack Welch (the then CEO, who did not give him a shot at general management) wrong and he’s ready to go to any length to achieve this. According to one of the store managers that left, he said: “after Nardelli arrived, things weren’t presented to you; they were told to you”. Considering all of these, I would not hire Nardelli.

2) Describe Home Depot when Nardelli took over. What kind of place was it? Is Nardelli a tyrant or a strong manager? Support your position.

A strong foundation for success and growth was already in place in Home Depot under Marcus leadership. The company demonstrated a very strong culture, built on entrepreneurialism and customer service. Abundant promotion opportunities were created due to rapid growth attracting carpenters, plumbers and other building professionals as salespeople. Most of the non-entry-level jobs were filled internally, and from the 400 department heads, just a dozen came from outside the company. Additionally, employee stock

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