Case Study Intermountain Healthcare

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1) Intermountain Healthcare has had a long history of success of continuous quality improvement over the years. What has led to that success? Intermountain Healthcare and their continuous quality improvement success efforts can be attributed to the fact that their physicians and nursing staff members are active participants in their drive for providing the best possible health care and keeping cost at a low and affordable price. IH even went as far as adding a health insurance plan that allows for the participation of more patients, a total captive effort. Intermountain Healthcare continues to integrate new technology into their health care delivery process and provides a continual education program for their staff members. With this type effort, physicians and senior nursing staff members …show more content…

Intermountain Healthcare has a "total involvement" approach in their delivery of health care to patients. In fact, IH has built a comprehensive infrastructure that concentrates on the delivery of excellent health care and its practices. IH has established well-trained role models in their clinics, these work teams identify information needs and process quality and outcome measures, and the corresponding reports of patient satisfaction and resource utilization deemed relevant to their efforts (Mclaughlin, Johnson & Sollecito, 2012). Intermountain Healthcare invest heavily in its quality improvement programs by having training workshops for their physicians and senior managers for the purpose of inter-clinical training, and providing guidance to subordinate staff members. Training is the key to success in any organization. These efforts were driven by then CEO Scott Parker, who requested that his senior executives to attend facilitator workshops so that they are able to effectively implement and train their teams for continued success (Mclaughlin, Johnson & Sollecito,

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