Case Study. Joseph Segovia Is A 28-Year Attending A Small

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Case Study
Joseph Segovia is a 28-year attending a small public university in west Texas, where he is enrolled in graduate level Education courses. Joseph is the eldest child of Jose and Jo Ann Segovia, both public school teachers in San Antonio, Texas. Jose is a retired music teacher and school administrator; Jo Ann is currently a Special Education teacher. Joseph has played music professionally all his adult life and has recently begun teaching Elementary music at a Title 1 campus in a large school district in Texas.
Physical Description
Joseph is a Hispanic male with brown eyes, medium length black hair, a groomed beard, and dark skin. Joseph is tall for his family (6’1”), with a large build. While Joseph does not have any broken …show more content…

Under Piaget’s theory, students will grow
Social Development
Constantly exposed to music because of his father, Joseph mimicked many of the behaviors and motions that musicians make, and at younger ages, not always connecting the behavior or motion with an end goal in mind. While a toddler, Joseph observed his father conducting middle and high school ensembles. Joseph eventually began to emulate his father, waving his arms when certain pieces of music were played, mimicking the movements of a conductor. When the music stopped, he would stop, and go back to what he was doing. He had made the connection to music and arm motion that conductors make, but did not have the full capacity to understand that there was more meaning to the arm motion that movement. This example follows Bandura’s theory of social development. For observational and social learning to take place, four criteria must be met: the skill must catch the attention of the learner, retention of the skill, motor skills to perform the skill, and there must be motivation or reinforcement for the skill (McLeod, 20).
Social learning plays a role in education by focusing less on reward and punishment, motivation is not enough for a student to learn a skill or gain knowledge (Kretchmar, 2017).
Emotional Development
Music has played a large role in Joseph’s life, and has been a focal point in his

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