Case Study Josephine Miller

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Case Study: Josephine Miller
Sheridan College
Jonathan Louis
Betty Buder
October 8th, 2014

1. Four symptoms of anxiety/panic that Josephine is experiencing are, fear, urination, tremors and trouble concentrating. These symptoms are evident through the way Josephine is behaving at home and at the hospital. These four symptoms are usually found in people who are actually diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and panic attacks, cognate to Josephine.
The symptom fear is evident in Josephine’s story when it is stated that she stayed home for 4 straight weeks, missing 4 weeks of work because of her fear of communicating. Fear is one of the early symptoms of anxiety and can start very small as not feeling comfortable speaking on the …show more content…

Open-ended question are a good way to start conversations as the client cannot just answer with a yes or no. It forces them to give you more information which makes it easier to understand and provide care for them. This would help Josephine connect more with her healthcare providers and her husband.
3. There are many different types of ways I’d suggest to Josephine to help deal with her anxiety but there are two would that would impact her a

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