Case Study : Lincoln Electric Company

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Case Study: Lincoln Electric Company

Lincoln Electric Company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Established in Euclid, Ohio by John C. Lincoln and James F. Lincoln. The organization has been very successful and is now the world leading manufacturing company of welding products for over 120 years. Through their vision, John C. Lincoln and James F. Lincoln established a habit and culture of modernization and distinction that continues to drive the Company. Everyone at Lincoln strives to keep their legacy alive through James’s beloved motto, The Actual Is Limited; The Possible Is Immense” (Sharplin 3).

“The definition of business culture is a blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all companies develop over time. Whether written as a mission statement, spoken or merely understood, corporate culture describes and governs the ways a company’s owners and employees think, feel and act” (Vcampus,n.d).

“A culture is created by the preferences and values of the founders and industry demands” (Chapter 8, pg. 191).

The simplest definition of culture is how things get done in an organization. Each company has a culture and Lincoln Electric Company seems to have a strong culture based on limitless possibilities. Continuing influence and vision of the founders are still evident when analyzing the company and its vision.

“We are a global manufacturer and the market leader of the highest quality welding, cutting and joining products. Our enduring passion for…
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