Case Study : Map 3

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I was a staff member on CentileHCF Map 3 as started as a trial-mod of course. Now this server was a pretty good server averaged around 600 + players on SOTW sometimes more than that even which was amazing. I became Sr-Mod in the middle of Map 3 when I was going to resign after I found out that PrestigePvP the developer of Centile had a booter and DDoSing staff and I know this because he DDoS me as a "joke" Now we went into Map 4 it was alright but the player base was slowly dying now for some reason that I still don't know until this day. Don't know if something very bad happens or people were just sick of the server getting etb by Custom I was staff all the way till Map 4 which they kinda gave up at the point because Drew (the owner) …show more content…

When it shut down I was the rank "Admin" and I felt proud of my self when I hit this goal. This server shut down because they had so many crashes and didn't have the funds to handle the server. They reached over 250 SOTW which was semi-good. I enjoy my staff time while I was there and I'm happy I was staff there. I had a lot of responsibility to do as an admin on the server and I'm happy I learned that. SanctumPvP SanctumPvP is a server I used to own that had 200 players on SOTW but slowly died to 100 then 50 then yeah I shut it down because lack of donations and it wasn't going well but it did teach me lots of things that I didn't know before now I know so many things about a dedi, MySQL, ufw (firewall basically you need your IP whitelisted to access the dedi) and very much more. It taught me responsibility, skills, lots of mature skills that are going to be needed. All I gotta say about this server I give credit to all the server owners who are running successful servers that get around 400+ daily. Big props to you. HCRiots HCRiots was my server that I own. It lasted for 4 maps. Every SOTW I would get

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