Case Study Mental Illness

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1. Identify some of the “abnormalities” that you recognize and would want to know more about regarding Ms. Allen.
While reading the case I was intrigued by her want to get a job and live more independently. I wanted to know more about her goals. I wonder about her social interaction because she was with another patient traveling to the mall. I want to know more about her friends and her family life. Since she has been hospitalized since the age eleven I wonder how her family took her diagnosis. I’m interested to know if her family visit. Also I want to know Ms. Allen current age and how long she has been in the current hospital. I want to know more about her personal goals and her self-reflecting skills; like what settings are best for her to self-reflect and what the …show more content…

Identify the diagnosis and what criteria led you to this decision.
I felt that it was difficult to diagnosis Ms. Allen with anything other than her current diagnosis because of the lack of information. Childhood onset treatment-resistant paranoid schizophrenia seems to fit but it is hard to question without proper information about her symptoms as a child and her current symptoms. I question her motives for pulling out the knife, if she was having a hallucination or not. We don’t know much about her decision to pull out the knife and her decision to drive the bus, she may have a logical explanation behind her action that are a key point in the diagnosis.
I thought about depression because she had difficulty getting out of bed and her weight gain but that may be due to different factors. Her lack of digression caused me to question the treatment resistant paranoid but because the medicine has been helpful for her hallucinations and paranoia. Her want to live independently raised a question in my mind as well. I wonder if she could, with training, live independently which would be general schizophrenia.

4. Discuss how you will communicate this diagnosis to the patient and his/her

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