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Strategic Architecture:
Once the undisputed leader in the luxury car market, Mercedes-Benz India (MBIL) is currently facing stiff competition from its aggressive rivals – BMW and Audi. Bernhard Kern, who recently took over as the chief of MBIL, points out that it also reflects the absence of Mercedes cars in some segments, unlike its peers. “I have a very different picture (of the rankings) because in the saloon and luxury SUVs, Mercedes is leading in India. We are not in some segments like smaller SUVs. There are some gaps but we will close the gap,” says Kern. The A-class and diesel version of the B-class are part of MBIL's play against its peers at the lower part of the premium and luxury car market.
Given the challenges and opportunities in India, 49-year-old Kern, a 30-year Mercedes veteran, has his task cut out. He plans to drive MBIL’s next phase of growth based on four pillars: new products, total cost of ownership, driving programmes and a robust network. These steps are being planned to strengthen connect with existing customers, and rope in new ones, especially first-time buyers. …show more content…

Brand philosophy of ‘Best or Nothing’. The growth strategy is built on 5 key initiatives with an aim to provide the ‘BEST’ to its customers through BEST products, BEST operations, BEST touch points, BEST customer experiences and BEST corporate citizenship.
‘Live The BEST' will be the new driving philosophy for Mercedes-Benz India is to achieve the objectives of growing a profitable and sustainable business in India and to extend its customer focused

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