Earthware Auditing Report

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earthwear annual report company growth strategy EarthWear’s growth strategy has three elements. First, the Company attempts to increase sales by expanding its customer base and by increasing sales to existing customers through improved product offerings. Second, the Company seeks to generate additional sales by targeted mailings of special issues of its catalogs and by offering its products through its web site. Third, the Company is pursuing additional opportunities to expand its merchandising skills internationally. Company History and operations EarthWear Clothiers was founded in Boise, Idaho, by James Williams and Calvin Rogers in 1973 to make high-quality clothing for outdoor sports, such as hiking, skiing, fly-fishing, and…show more content…
Management expects that Internet sales will grow significantly in the future, perhaps replacing catalogs as the major source of sales. EarthWear was incorporated in Idaho in 1975 and became a Delaware corporation in 1986 when it went public. catalogs and sales operations During 2013 the Company mailed 12 issues of its regular monthly catalog with an average of 75 pages per issue from its U.S. operations. Worldwide, the Company mailed approximately 160 million fullprice catalogs. EarthWear views each catalog issue as a unique opportunity to communicate with its customers. Products are described in visual and editorial detail, and the Company uses such techniques as background stories and distinctive covers to stimulate the readers’ interest. Each issue of the regular catalog offers certain basic product lines for men and women. The regular catalog also offers seasonal merchandise. In addition, EarthWear mails two end-of-season clearance catalogs. The Company mails its catalogs to prospective customers who are identified based on lists of magazine subscribers and lists of households meeting certain demographic criteria. In addition, the Company identifies prospective new customers through its national advertising campaign. In 1991 the Company introduced its first business specialty catalog, which offered its products to groups and companies for corporate incentive programs. EarthWear’s embroidery capabilities allow for the

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