Case Study: Monique And Her Family

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Monique and her family have experienced many incidents in her Liberian homeland that will have a lasting effect on them. The probable psychiatric effects of living through war, bombings, and destruction of your own village as you flee from it, are sure to play into the psyches of folks long after being removed from the immediate danger. Though the initial removal from this scene must surely be a relief, the overall toll it takes on folks would be very disturbing and burdensome. The worry of loved ones and friends left behind, and of losing your home and effects surely must be overwhelming. Even Monique’s family’s escape experience was harrowing with going through the checkpoints, being detained and the car being searched, and lastly, that final …show more content…

If these are accurate, it may be of help to her in processing the services she would need and those that might be the most beneficial to her. As her helper, my first concern after securing the initial basic necessities of safe housing, food and medical care, would be to address Monique’s mental condition. Because of the mental trauma she has endured back in Liberia, I would suggest that she be evaluated by a mental health professional and any underlying issues be addressed for example, depression, anxiety or PTSD. These would be addressed first and after that was stabilized; I would assist Monique in making a plan for how she would like to live her new life here in the United States. I would use the case management strategy to find specific counseling services or group meetings geared to Monique’s situation and I would assist her with any barriers she might have that could stop her from having equal access to all of the services that would be most helpful to her. Monique will have to find employment as soon as possible and as her helper I would first inquire of her interests and any prior experience she may already have. It is possible that a work training program might be

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