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2. Is nice related to any concepts in the chapter, such as one of the big five personality dimensions, Myers-Briggs components, or left-right brain dominance? Discuss. The big five personality dimensions describe an individual’s: - extroversion, - agreeableness, - conscientiousness, - emotional stability, - openness to experience. Each dimension contains a wide range of specific traits. The one that interest us is the agreeableness which contains traits such as being good-natured, cooperative, forgiving, compassionate, understanding and trusting. Indeed, those can be used as a reference to kindness (= being nice). In this concept it is said that a leader who score high in this category, in other words a nice leader, is more…show more content…
Left-right brain dominance is about the fact that the distinct hemispheres influence thinking. The left hemisphere is associated with logical, analytical thinking and a linear approach to problem solving. The right hemisphere is associated with creative, intuitive and value-based thought process. It is important to note that everyone uses its both hemispheres, but to varying degrees. Four quadrants of the brain, related to different thinking style, have been identified: - Quadrant A is associated with logical thinking, analysis of fact and processing numbers. - Quadrant B deals with planning, organization of facts and careful detailed review. - Quadrant C is related to interpersonal relationships and affects intuitive and emotional though processes. -Quadrant D is associated with conceptualizing, synthesizing and integrating fact and patterns, with seeing the big picture rather than the details. In this concept, kindness is referenced in quadrant C. Indeed, in this quadrant, individuals are sensitive to others and enjoy interacting with and teaching other, they are friendly, trusting and empathic. In other words, they are concerned with people’s feelings more than with tasks and procedures and may put emphasis on employee development and training. Nice is related to all the concepts which have been quoted previously. This can be explain by the fact

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