Case Study Of Miami Heat Scars

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iami Heat Scars: Star Blocker Hassan Whiteside Sits on the Injured List for One Week Miami Heat Loses Top 20 Position as 2-4 Record Refuses to Bloom - Where us Hassan Whiteside? With a bruised knee, Whiteside’s next opportunity to return to the NBA court came on Oct. 30, when Karl-Anthony Towns and the Minnesota Timberwolves come to Miami. Unfortunately, Miami Heat Coach Spoelstra has different plans. "I mean, he's getting better, he's working," Spoelstra said. "And that’s all I want to see. I want to see him pushing himself and making sure there's no pain." Now, Spoelstra promises NBA enthusiasts that Whiteside’s condition is on the medical evaluation board. Whiteside’s next opportunity will be “another” Wednesday game when Miami plays

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