Case Study Of Oak Hills

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Based on the report and case study of Oak Hills facility, it is a fact that the processes and operations require a massive overhaul if it wants to remain competitive and improve its efficiency as a manufacturing business. Lean manufacturing might be able to solve some of its issue in terms of its process in production. Below are some of the recommendations that Oak Hills should look into.
i. Adopting Supply Chain practise
The management of Oak Hills should look into the supply chain management to improve its efficiency in its production process. This could boost the inventory control and organization performance. This can also be done through aligning the supply chain to maximise its effectiveness. A best practice is a process that produces the best benchmark for a specific task (Gilmore, 2007). Establishing alliances with key suppliers creates a “supplier relationship management” which will be more effective in working together. This can be effective if Oak Hills create a …show more content…

The implementation of technology will be essential in ensuring that Oak Hills achieves the lean manufacturing. Among various tools for performing Lean manufacturing assessments, technology has remarkably allowed the obtaining of world class function as well as recovering job function (Nasab and Dehghani, 2013).
Cons of Implementing Lean System
The cons of implementing this system are mainly the involvement of monetary expenses. It will also include work disruptions during the process of training and educating the employees. As the rumours of merger are still in the process, there may be issues revolving the costs associated with the revamping of the operations in Oak Hills. Things like introducing new equipment capabilities, re-current trainings and re-design layout of floorplan will increase the expenses of Oak Hills facility. iii. Introducing re-engineering

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