Case Study Of Pepper Sisters In Bellingham

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Pepper Sisters, in Bellingham, serves tasty and inventive American Southwest dishes in its bright and modern eatery. Tortilla chips with fresh made salsa and the crisp and cheesy eggplant quesadillas make for delicious and sharable starters. Unique entree items include the spiced mashed potato stuffed chili relleno, the Pinky Blue, a chicken, jack cheese, grilled onions, sour cream and chipotle salsa dish layered between blue corn tortillas and the Burrito Fuego, stuffed with chili simmered pork. Additionally, many dishes at Pepper Sisters can be made vegan upon request. Daily appetizer and dinner specials are created based on fresh on seasonal items. And guests would be remiss to not try one of the fresh crafted desserts, like the moist coconut

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