Case Study Of Ragi Snacks

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Opening Case-let “We received a huge response for our ‘Kay’ brand’. I think this is the correct time to introduce our new snack under ‘Kay’ brand”, suggested Hari, Marketing Head of ABC condiments. ABC condiments is the producer of sweets and savouries with an authentic Indian flavour. One of its brand ‘Kay’ Snacks is very popular among customers for its freshness and crispiness. Hari, Seema, Sudha and Virat are in a discussion to introduce a new variety of ragi snack under the brand ‘Kay’. “I too agree with Hari!” said Production Head, Seema. “Correspondingly, we have to decide about the lot size of production of this ragi snack”, she added. “We should know the sales and demand forecast for that first”, said Hari. “In our department, we should check the machine and labour capacity to produce and need to set up quality control standards”, said Seema. “I need to check whether it is possible to supply the raw materials on time. For that, I want to take a stock report and delivery schedule from our suppliers”, joined Virat, Inventory Head. “I would appreciate if each of you give a quotation for your department so that I get the budget sanction from the management”, said Sudha, Finance Head. “In the meantime, I …show more content…

The fast pace of improvements in technology, information and innovation expect the organisations to keep up with their speed. In this global business era, making a wrong choice deeply hurt the business. Such as producing wrong products, entering the wrong market, delaying services, wrong investments and more seriously affect the survival of the business. Since most of the business decisions are multidimensional in nature that impacts the whole organisation, decisions cannot be taken based on personal experience or intuition or judgment alone. While decision making, both quantitative and qualitative factors affecting the decisions are to be

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