Case Study Of Scaffold Plank Incident

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Scaffold Plank Incident Case Study
Nanjanna Vindhyashree (@03279486), Kouser Ameena (@03278010), Revankar Rajesh(@03279489), BG Kishan (@03279092), Naraganahalli Suresh Babu Pradeep Kumar (@03278652), Rao Kartik (@03279386)
The Ethical issues are:
• Should Bob try to confirm his doubt that this perfectly legal purchase order of lumber will be used for a purpose it is not legally certified for scaffold plank?
• What would be Bob’s action if he decides not to be a part of this lumber sale?
• Should Bob or John be aware of the end user of this lumber?
• Should this order have to be processed even after knowing it final use?

The possible alternatives and the ethics of these alternatives,
• Bob could have considered the purchase order placed by
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The Philosophical approach
There are three philosophical approaches for analyzing the ethics of the alternatives. They are; The Utilitarian model, Moral Right model and Justice Model.

In Scaffold Plank incident Bob is insisted to take such a decision that protects people’s right to freedom, safety of life, privacy, free of speech and freedom of consistence. Bob is in pathetic situation where he should take interest of Stake holders and also the clients who make him wealthy. But cost can be complicated. Everybody should think about the probability of using this lumber causing an accident and the severity of the accident. Bob may make enough money and increases wealth of the stakeholders, provides job security for the employees but, Bob in his Moral Rights view where he should think not only about stakeholders and his clients who make him wealthy but also about the end-users. The philosophical approach described in the chapter 2 is that we are using the alternative “Moral Rights model”. This philosophy describes that an ethical decision is a decision that best maintains and protects the fundamental rights and privileges of the people affected by it. Bob could have agreed to sell the lumber by clearly stating that this lumber is not advisable for the use as scaffold plank on the invoice. Bob could have refused the purchase order. The best alternative

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