Case Study Of Storco

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1. Background
1.1 Background:
Storco is a recently established self-storage company that provides a storage space formally storage units to its tenants, both business and individuals. Initially Storco had a simple website with no features of booking a storage unit or request a removal. Neither there was any online inventory management available for the users having their storage units with Storco. If a user had to place an order for a storage unit, an order was supposed to be placed on call with the operator and all the remaining work was supposed to be done manually. Also, the payments that are made are made in cash or bank deposit, and that also contributes in complicating the process. Hence current system takes time for each order to be processed manually. …show more content…

Vision of the Solution:
2.1 Vision Statement:
For people who need lack storage space, the Storco provides them with a storage unit according to their needs and the space they require to store their items. Unlike other self-storage companies, Storco provides its customers with online inventory management for each of their items present in each of their storage units. The organization provides best quality of storage units at a very low price than the competitors.

2.2 Major Features:
F1: Order a storage unit from your desktop or mobile by selecting the storage unit of your required size and dimensions
F2: Pay via bank deposits or make credit/debit card payments
F3: Manage complete inventory by adding item in your unit if the remaining space can cater it or the request back an item

2.3 Assumptions and Dependencies

A1: The web portal will be available 24/7 even when high traffic consumes the website’s bandwidth.
A2: All the development resources will be available from project initiation to assist in designing or validating the project flow.
D1: If the website goes down due to any reason, the customer care center must be able to take order on call until the website is

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