Case Study Of Temporary Travel

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As of April 2017, the Australia Government abolished the Temporary Work (skilled) visa (subclass 457) and replaced it with the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) to be effected on March 2018 (Australian Government, 2017). The TSS visa is deemed to cause an overhaul on temporary employment of overseas workers who fill jobs requiring critical skills. This is because a more stringent criteria that is not in use under the 457 visa will be employed to assess incoming overseas temporary workers. This change will not only affect businesses, but the human resource planning and recruitment practices as well. The HR will be forced to revise its forecast practices so as to align their organisation’s strategic direction with proper planning, while …show more content…

The key stakeholders affected by the replacement of the 457 visa with the TSS are trade unions and business employers/sponsor – of large corporations and small medium enterprises. Most Australian trade unions were sceptical of the 457 visa and received the new TSS readily. Caspersz (2015) posits that trade unions were concerned with and challenged the moral ethics by which overseas workers entered, lived and worked in Australia under the 457 visa. She argues that most overseas workers were significantly disadvantaged in the labour market because of the diversion from the fill of critical skill shortage to employment of cheap labour (Caspersz, 2015). Campbell and Tham (2014) note that most trade unions such as the Australian Industry Group criticize the 457 visa’s lack of practical requirement such as English proficiency and critical skill testing that relegates the process to a mere migration stunt. One evidence of diversion from 457 visa initial motive is the ban imposed on Australian fast food chains from recruiting foreign workers in March 2017 (Conifer, 2017). The temporary skill visa was meant to hire genuine critical skill candidates and not low skill candidates. However, this narrative has changed and some trade unions assume that the TSS will streamline the

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