Case Study On M-1

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At 0743 hours, this writer phoned (202) 255-5424 and spoke with Ms. Elena Ferman, who is the mother of M-1. Ms. Ferman, told this writer M-1 has not returned home nor has she talked to her. Ms. Ferman was not currently at home she was at work and she would not be home until after 5PM she was currently at work. Ms. Ferman does not know any of M-1’s friends. M-1 does not have a cell phone. Ms. Ferman does have a photo of M-1 however she was not able to provide photo at the time of our conversation. However, she is willingly to provide a photo of M-1 at a later time. She indicated the photo of M-1 is inside of her phone and she needs assistance in emailing photo.

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