Case Study: Osteoarthritis with a Total Knee Arthroplasty

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Case Study: Osteoarthritis with a Total Knee Arthroplasty Holly N. Pittman Missouri State University – West Plains Patient History DN is a 68 year old Caucasian male who lives in Pomona, Missouri. On September 14, 2009, DN underwent a scheduled left total knee arthroplasty at Baxter County Regional Medical Center. A consultation appointment about a total knee arthroplasty was scheduled when DN had increasing pain in his knees while doing chores and working on his dairy farm. The increasing pain DN was having been due to a history of osteoarthritis and the wear-and-tear on his joints throughout his life, no specific injury was noted. Depending on the outcome of the left knee, DN was consulted on having his right knee done in the future…show more content…
There was no hearing deficit noted with normal conversation. Patient only had complaints of pain at surgical site after ambulation, physical therapy or the CPM. Patient was taught he could ask for the pain medicine prior to these events to hopefully avoid intense pain. Current Medications Throughout DN’s hospital stay he was prescribed medicine to alleviate the pain caused from the total knee arthroplasty, help prevent any infection that had potential to be a problem, and prevent any complications. DN’s current medications while in the hospital were as follows: 1.) Docusate-Senna (Trade Name: Peri-Colace) 1 tablet by mouth, twice a day; used for softening and passage of stool for the relief of constipation caused by post operative anesthesia and decreased activity (Deglin & Vallerand, 2007). 2.) Enoxaparin (Trade Name: Lovenox) 40 mg by subcutaneous injection, once every morning; used for the prevention of thrombosis formation (Deglin & Vallerand, 2007). 3.) Psyllium (Trade Name: Metamucil) 1 tablespoon by mouth, twice a day; used for relief and prevention of constipation (Deglin & Vallerand, 2007). 4.) Acetaminophen-Oxycodone (Trade Name: Percocet 5/325) 1-2 tablets by mouth, every four hours; used for decreasing pain as well as decreasing a temperature (Deglin & Vallerand, 2007). 5.) Magnesium

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