Physical Therapy For A Left Total Hip Arthroplasty Surgery

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Introduction: Physical therapist working in various clinical setting should be familiar with the patient 's medical condition including medications that they are actively taking to ensure that any symptoms associated with the drug are appropriately and safely considered. Here is an example of an acute care patient in the orthopedic ward anticipating for a left total hip arthroplasty surgery.

HPI: S.J. is a 67 y/o Caucasian male with a history of left hip pain for two years. He has difficulty walking due to left hip pain and utilizes a cane, can walk five blocks, climbs stairs leading with the right leg. He denies any surgeries on the left lower extremity. He sought physical therapy, but he does not feel that it is improving his pain but does believe it is improving his strength. He is scheduled for a left total hip arthroplasty due to the progression of severe osteoarthritis of the left hip as confirmed by a pelvic x-ray and MRI of the lower extremity without contrast. S.J. has taken various medications that are listed on the current medication section of this note.

PMH: Osteoarthritis, hyperlipidemia, hypothyroidism, sciatica and hypertension.

• Acetaminophen 325 mg tablet PO TID as needed for pain. Max Acetaminophen 4000 mg/day (2000 mg if has liver disease)
• Atorvastatin Calcium 40 mg tablet PO QD for cholesterol
• Chlorthalidone 25 mg tablet PO QD for blood pressure
• Diclofenac Na 75 mg EC tablet PO BID after meals for pain or

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