Case Study : Owner Of The Hotel Kallessi Mctavish

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Introduction Given task for advice to concerned hotel manager Maya Stork against owner of the hotel Kallessi McTavish is a case when given authorities have also certain restrictions which should be followed to avoid unpredictable or unnecessary problems. In hospitality business is a phenomenon, that miscommunication and lack or wrong information can occur very often. Communication is a key for success in hospitality and this can be provided by both sides, employers either employees. According to the authorities and restrictions there are two cases, where similar problems occurred. These cases will be used to advice manager Maya Stork and also provide essential information of managing particular situations in the future. This case is great…show more content…
Regardless of this restriction, order was made and delivered even with several boxes of not permitted expensive shampoo and shower gels. First couple of invoices for orders were paid without hesitation and rest was refused to pay by KM. Unfortunately, this action has an impact on MS where KM is demanding his loss. Cases Two cases were obtained to support opinion how the dispute can be solve with minimum impacts on both sides. 1. Watteau v Fenwick [1893] 1 QB 346 Concern: Participating person in charge of a public house was not permitted to buy goods for the business due all goods were depending on strict behalf of the principal, which is the employer. Manager ordered certain publication regardless of his restriction for purchasing goods. Result: Principal was forced to pay without hesitation due order was made within usual authority of the manager and without awareness to supplier of manager restrictions. 2. Milne v Ritchie [1882] 10 R 365 Concern: Milne as an architect had a authority to negotiate and contract for masonry construction, worth £1465. He accepted other side offer for work worth £1646. Ritchie’s work was done to high standards where Milne as an employer had to pay offered price of £1646. Result: Fiduciary Duty (a Duty of loyalty and good faith). Advice and Discussion Kallessi McTavish v Maya Stork Various type of authority appeared in
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